Our number one selling, designer favorite: Rose Gold Leaf

--  Rose gold gives the luminosity of gold with a softened, neutral glow.  Adaptable to countless applications and styles thanks to its neutral tone! --

Inspired by the ancient mosaics of Ravenna and San Marcos, these handmade tiles are produced with the finest quality European gold leaf, which is fused between two pieces of handcrafted glass. The classic elegance of precious metal blends beautifully with any interior, both classic and modern.  Perfect for bringing warmth and luminosity to any space.

Sold by the box!

Quantities per box: 

2" x 13.5" -- 27 pcs. (5.1 sq. feet, $138/ sq. foot)

4.5" x 9" -- 27 pcs. (7.6 sq. feet, $121/ sq. foot)

4.5" x 13.5" -- 18 pcs. (7.6 sq. feet, $114/ sq. foot)


Orders of 1-4 boxes: Will ship via UPS® Ground. 

Orders of 5+ boxes: Any orders totalling more than 4 boxes require being secured on a pallet, along with custom freight shipping. Prior to confirming your order placement, we will contact you directly with a custom freight quote. Please select the "free shipping" option at check-out for these orders to avoid the UPS® Ground shipping charge. We will not ship orders larger than 4 boxes via UPS® Ground. Thanks for your cooperation!


Made in the USA


Recommended Use & Requirements

  • Suitable for all indoor wall applications
  • Outdoor use subject to climate and method of installation